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Wedding Budget Ideas

Are you in the process of planning your wedding and finding that money is not stretching as far as you would like? Establishing and keeping to a budget when:
  • Before you begin to assemble your wedding invitations, place a stamp on each of the outer envelopes as well as on each of the response envelopes. Write your address on each of the response envelopes.

  • Lay out the pieces that go into an invitation one "invitation set" per pile. Each "invitation set" will go into its own envelope which should be addresed to a person or family.

  • After you've created piles of "invitation sets", begin addressing both the outer and inner envelopes for each pile one pile at a time. After you've addressed the envelopes, you can begin assembling each "invitation set."

  • Begin assembling an "invitation set" by opening the actual wedding invitation so that you are looking at the wording. Place the tissue paper over the wording and lay the reception card, with its wording facing you, on top of the tissue paper (tissue is not required).

  • Take a response card and its corresponding envelope. Place the envelope over the card so that its flap is facing you and hangs over the top of the card. Place this set on top of the reception card, with the top of the envelope flap in the fold of the wedding invitation.

  • Place the directions on top of the response card with the church directions on top of the reception directions.

  • Close the completed wedding invitation and place it into the inner envelope (which should already be addressed). Then, place the inner envelope into the outer envelope and seal the envelope. Once the envelope is sealed, the "invitation set" is considered complete.
Note: Do NOT seal an invitation and then attempt to write the names and addresses on it with the contents inside. Depending on the quality of the paper and its printing, the ink could transfer from piece to piece and leave imprints.

That's it. It's very simple if you organize it all BEFORE you try to assemble. You may find it easier if you place each piece into its own shoe box on the kitchen table. Then, grab a piece from each box and sit down at the end of the table and assemble the "invitation set." Place the completed "invitation set" into another box and begin the round again. It's a little more work, but it'll keep you from forgetting anything.

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