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Wedding - Cost Savings Guide

Unless you were planning to be married in front of a Justice of the Peace or in a small Las Vegas chapel, chances are your wedding will cost a pretty penny. Even small weddings can be expensive but since this is a special occasion, you do not want to scrimp too much. If you have always dreamt of the perfect wedding but want to save money without having to sacrifice, we have gathered helpful tips so you can accomplish just that.

One of the best ways to save money is to plan. That means making all the arrangemnts with all the vendors, months in advance, so you are not having to scrounge around at the last minute and paying enormous prices. In fact, you should start booking most of your vendors such as photographer, caterer, cake decorator, florist, musicians, and so on, anywhere from 12 to 16 months ahead of time.

Instead of having a June wedding, which is the most popular month of the year and the most expensive, change your wedding date to the fall or winter. This makes a beautiful time of the year to be married and you will save 50% or more.

Instead of hosting a six-hour long wedding reception, cut it back to four. Additionally, rather than offer guests a sit down dinner, set up a potluck or dessert bars.

Always keep 10% of your budget held back for unexpected things. If you need the money, then you will have it. If not, you can start your marriage off with a little money to put in the bank.

While you want to invite everyone to your wedding, you will pay far more for 200 people than you would 150. Therefore, check your list and if possible, cut it down by 20 to 30 people.

While having a big, elaborate wedding reception would be wonderful, most couples simply cannot afford one. Just remember that you can still have a gorgeous wedding reception without spending a fortune. Think outside the box, make your own decorations and centerpieces, hire your friends band, and be creative.

If you found a photographer or florist, you really like but the price is more than you intended to pay ask if he or she would be willing to work with you on prices. Chances are that they would be willing to work on something that would suit both of you.

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