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For weddings to take place, the aspect of drivers and transportation is always a factor. It might be for the brides father to get her to the wedding, the best man to get the groom to the wedding, the limo to pick up the entire wedding party, drivers to take the wedding party along with the bride and groom to the reception, and so on. To ensure everyone arrives at the church and reception for your upcoming wedding, consider the following tips.

First, remember that depending on the car, it couldbreak down. Therefore, if you or someone else will be using a personal car, make sure it is in perfect working condition. That would mean having the oil and other fluids changed, having the tire pressure changed or new tires put on the car if needed, and having a licensed mechanic look to ensure there are no potential problems.

If you or other drivers do not have dependable personal cars, then you have a number of options. You might see if a close friend or family member could help, rent a car, or hire a professional driver. If you choose the latter two, then you want to make sure you rent the best option for your specific needs. In this case, you would need to consider the number of people that will need transportation so the right size car can be chosen. Additionally, will you need more than one car? Are you looking for transportation that offers champagne on the way to the reception, a stereo, television, and other luxury amenities?

Typically, when a person hires a driver or rents a car, they will look through their local yellow pages, which is a good option. However, other resources would be word of mouth, asking friends and family if they know of a reputable company with which you can work, or the internet. Just make sure that whichever direction you go that you have all of the charges listed in a contract that is signed and dated by you and the company representative.

If you choose to hire a professional driver hired, one that might transport people in a limo, then the price will vary from one company to the next. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $75 to $150 per hour, with a three to four hour minimum. Additionally, it is customary for a 15% to 20% gratuity to be added to the overall fee. When it comes to the deposit, this too will vary but typically, you would be required to put a 30% to 50% deposit down with the remainder due at the time of service.

Finally, if you should hire someone only to run into a problem, remember that you can avoid many problems by having the policies such as refund and guarantee in writing. To ensure you hire the best driver possible, allow about two months before the wedding so you will have time to interview various companies. This way, you can choose from a larger selection and feel much more comfortable with your choice.

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