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For many couples, hiring a limo is a part of the overall experience. Instead of showing up for the wedding and/or reception in a standard car, why not enjoy full luxury. If you think about it, you have planned your wedding for months and now is the time to go all out in that this is a once in a lifetime celebration. Therefore, your wedding calls for something extraordinary!

First, most limos include plush interiors that usually include mood lighting, great for creating the ultimate in romance. Second, you will find that limos typically include a mini-bar, television, stereo, phone, and more! When you start looking for the perfect limo, you will probably be surprised by all the choices. For instance, you can choose from eight-passenger PT Cruisers to Jaguars, to Lincolns. Limos are also available in many different sizes, ranging from an executive car for four to a stretch limo that will accommodate 20 people.

The nice thing about hiring a limo in addition to arriving in style is that they are roomy and comfortable. This is exceptionally nice for the bride and her bridal party in that they will probably be wearing long, formal gowns that are hard to work with in most cars. This way, everyone can pile in without problem. Additionally, a limo provides the benefit of being stuck in traffic. If you were in a traffic jam in a regular car, you would sit cramped and miserable. However, with a limo, you can kick off your shoes and stretch out to wait for traffic to begin moving again.

One of the things to remember when hiring a limo is that you need to choose the size and style of car that will fit best with your needs. Remember that each limo company manages things differently so to ensure you have plenty of time to make the best choice, allow about six to eight weeks for planning. Then, understand all the aspects of the limo service and get everything in writing!

Since this is for the biggest day of your life, you want to be extremely careful in choosing a company that offers a guarantee and/or refund. For instance, if the limo should break down while on the way to pick the bride up and take her to the church, how will the situation be handled? Will you be guaranteed that a different car will come and if so, within what kind of timeframe?

Finally, if you plan to have a large number of guests from out of town, want to do something extra nice for them, and have the financial means to do so, then you might consider a larger vehicle, which can hold up to 40 people! These buses are actually luxurious, still offering everything that you would find in a traditional limo! This makes the experience something special for these guests and allows them time to be together before and after the wedding.

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