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Every bride and groom looks back over the wedding day and can make a list of the things that should have been changed. So you do not have to look back on your wedding day, wishing you had done things another way, we have gathered the top mistakes that can be used when planning your special day.

One of the first things you will do when planning your wedding is set the budget. This dollar figure will guide you through all of your planning, keeping you in line so you do not go broke. Unfortunately, the biggest mistake people make is blowing the very budget they set. They become caught up in the excitement and when faced with so many decisions, they simply start spending. Once the wedding and honeymoon are done and they return home, they then realize just how much in debt they are.

The marriage license is another aspect of weddings that seems to confuse couples. The problem is that the rules vary from state to state and couples do not take the time to call, making sure they understand the rules for their particular state. Therefore, you need to call your local courthouse and find out how far out the license needs to be purchased. For many states, it is 60 days prior to the wedding, but you need to make sure.

Another common mistake has to do with the ordering of the wedding gown. Brides become caught up in everything going on while still trying to work and handle daily life. Before they know it, time has slipped by and by the time they go to order the dress, it is too late, leaving them to buy off the rack. If you plan to buy a designer gown, you need to allow a minimum of six months for ordering and alterations or you will end up with something you do not want.

The fourth mistake is not making hotel accommodations well enough in advance. This is especially important if you are having a traditional summer wedding. At this time, most hotels are swamped with other weddings and vacationers. Therefore, you want to book your rooms as far in advance as you can. In fact, depending on where you plant to go, you might need to book up to one year before the date.

Inviting too many people is also a common problem. Without doubt, trying to determine who all will be invited to a wedding is a tough decision. Obviously, you want to invite all the people important in your life but before you know it, your list has grown to 400 people and your budget will only handle 200. One option is to invite only the closest people to the wedding and then have a more open reception set up as a potluck or just dessert and dancing.

Waiting until a week before the wedding to try to lose those last 10 pounds is another problem that many couples deal with. You want to get on a good workout program at least four months before the wedding date. This will give you time to get in shape and enjoy the process without starving and making yourself sick. After all, you want to show up at the wedding feeling healthy and strong, not weak from skipping meals. Finally, do not try to do everything yourself. It is literally an impossible task. When it comes to wedding planning, there are so many different things needing to be done. You do not necessarily have to use a professional wedding planner, but use the assistance of your family and friends. This way, you can enjoy the process of planning your wedding without feeling overwhelmed.

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