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Having a traditional church wedding is something that many couples still lean towards. However, more and more couples are seeing the advantages that come with having an outdoor wedding. For starters, this type of wedding is unique, fun, and creates an amazing setting for any type of wedding.

The key to a successful outdoor wedding comes with good planning. Depending on the region where you live or plan to have the wedding, you could be faced with challenges relating to insects or the elements. For this reason, you should think about the various things that could go wrong and be prepared. Even if you find that rain is in the forecast for the day of your wedding by being prepared, you can have large tents ready to be set up so the wedding can go on as planned and nothing is ruined. Many of these tents are actually beautiful and come with floors and air conditioning/heating. You might also consider a park that has indoor facilities just in case.

When planning your outdoor wedding, with or without a tent, you want to ensure you have the right place where food, drinks, and the wedding cake can be stored. This would mean keeping the temperature right for safety purposes and the cake out of the sun where the icing could melt. By working with a professional caterer and cake designer, they will take care of this so you do not need to worry about anything.

The most important thing when planning an outdoor wedding/reception is to make sure the guests know how to get there. When you send out the invitations, simply add a map that will direct everyone to the location. If possible, include a phone number of your cell phone or the location itself should someone get lost. Other valuable information would include people bringing swimsuits, Frisbees, or other items to go with the location, especially when it comes to the reception.

The great thing about having an outdoor wedding and reception is all the options. If you live near a beach, this would be an ideal place. You can rent gazebos or cabanas for the guests, set up fun games, and just create a magical experience for all the guests. If you live in the mountains, you could find a location that overlooks a large lake. With the smell of fresh pines and the incredible, natural backdrop, you cannot help but feel romantic. Even the backyard is a great place for an outdoor wedding. With the green lawn set up with white chairs and colorful flowers, your wedding will be amazing.

The key is to be creative and choose locations that fit your personality. If you and your future spouse love, fun and adventure then let that show in the selection for your outdoor wedding. If you are a bit more conservative but still want to enjoy the outdoors on your special day, then a large white tent with white chairs would be ideal. Again, plan for something that is important to you and consider all types of locations. Even museums, botanical gardens, or marinas make wonderful outdoor wedding locations.

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