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Pre Wedding Tasks

Typically, the best way to ensure that nothing is missed for your upcoming wedding is to make lists. You would be surprised to learn how many couples plan their wedding for months, paying close attention to details only to discover that one week from the wedding, they forgot to get the marriage license, or to have the final tuxedo fitting done, or perhaps choose the florist. Sadly, this happens all the time and then it does it can be devastating. To ensure you are not faced with last minute problems, keep the following guide close by for reference.
BR> One week prior to the wedding:
  1. Provide the final guest count to the caterer

  2. Call and confirm all the vendors for the occasion, date, time, location

  3. Provide a wedding day schedule to all the vendors so they know the process of the days events

  4. Ensure the reader has all his or her material

  5. Finalize the reception seating chart and provide a copy to the caterer

  6. Finalize the wedding program

  7. Double check with car or limo services that any out of town guests are taken care of

  8. Finish all the honeymoon packing

  9. Complete favors and special treats to place in out of town guest rooms

  10. Make sure both bride and groom have a wedding day emergency kit to include safety pins, needle and thread, comb/brush, breath mint, hairspray, etc.

  11. Confirm all the honeymoon reservations

  12. Provide both sets of parents with a copy of the travel itinerary for the honeymoon to include phone numbers in case of emergency

  13. Scuff the bottom your shoes to be worn at the wedding with sandpaper so that you do not slide down the aisle on slick, new shoes

  14. Make sure the guestbook, toasting glasses, favors are taken to the reception hall

  15. Follow up with various members of the wedding party to make sure everyone knows their role

  16. Go have a massage!
One day prior to the wedding:
  1. Have a manicure and pedicure

  2. Make sure the bride has her gown and all accessories laid out (shoes, nylons, slip, bra, panties, jewelry, hairpiece or veil, etc.) and that the groom is ready (tuxedo, shoes, socks, boxers/briefs, undershirt, shirt, tie, cummerbund, jewelry, etc.)

  3. Go for a nice long walk or jog

  4. Have fun at the rehearsal dinner, making sure you do not consume too much alcohol

  5. Take a long, hot bubble bath

  6. Have sweet dreams of the following days events

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