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Wedding Planning - Saving Part I

When planning for a wedding, the first shock is how expensive everything is. From the wedding gown to the photographer to the reception food, weddings of all sizes are very costly. Finding ways to save money and not having to skimp on any of the plans is crucial. The first thing a couple should do is determine a budget. From this, they can then start making choices for a wonderful celebration.

The first tip is to plan things and not just do them without thinking. Taking your time to consider all the options will stop the process of making rash decisions. Typically, when you make quick decisions, it means you have not contemplated all the options and therefore, are probably spending more money than you need to. Shop around, which is why starting early, is so important.

You might also consider scaling down your guest list. Although this is a difficult decision, large weddings cost big money. Considering that for the entire wedding and reception an average wedding costs the bride and groom anywhere from $75 to $100 per gift, you can imagine the savings by reducing the number of invitees by a mere 10 to 15 people.

Another way to save money relates to the invitations. Many couples will go all out on the invitations since this is the first word of the upcoming marriage. However, you can still have wonderful invitations made without paying a fortune. For instance, instead of having your invitations engraved, go a different route with thermography. This process is much less expensive but produces quality results similar to engraving.

For the invitations, you might request the guest respond on their own by mail or phone call. This will save you money on the reply card, especially if having a large wedding and include an RSVP. If you or someone you know has a creative side, then you might consider having them make your invitations. With so many software options today, this is something that can be done on the computer in no time at all.

The date of your wedding is another consideration that can have a huge impact on the overall price. For instance, by choosing a wedding during the typical early spring and late summer months, you will spend as much as 80% more if you chose a date in November, or January through the end of May. Additionally, the location of the wedding and reception will also be an important consideration. In this case, using a hotel or banquet hall would be more expensive than a VFA hall or community center. Therefore, keep all your options open.

Another option would be to have the wedding and reception at the same location. This is not only a cost saving step but it is also very convenient. Just be sure the location has the right accommodations. Typically, this would include a kitchen, bathroom facilities, enough room for a dance floor, DJ or band, tables, chairs, and so on.

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