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Wedding Planning - Saving Part II

To continue the ways you can save money for your upcoming wedding and reception, you will probably be surprised by some of the ways. Many times, when in the middle of planning, your mind is on one thing, getting things done so you can get married. However, to save money, you need to take your time during the planning process, consider all your choices, and choose wisely.

For example, if you were planning a large reception for all your family members and friends, and have selected a great menu, if yo add alcohol beverages to the mix, you will be paying a small fortune. Instead, serve non-alcoholic beverages and then set up bars where the guests that want to drink can simply order their own. If you decide that, you want to offer some type of alcohol for the toasting at the reception, and then choose a sparkling white wine over champagne.

Just as you would consider making adjustments for the beverages for the reception, take a closer look at your menu selection. Most couples would love to serve all the guests a full course meal but that is just not logical. However, if you make a few minor changes, you can save hundreds of dollars. In this situation, if you have a richer type soup on the menu, change it to a consommé or vegetable soup or if you have Greek or an Oriental salad chosen, change it to a nice dinner salad. By cutting out one item or choosing less expensive options, you can save anywhere from $500 to $1,000.

Other ways that you can save for the reception portion of your wedding is to have a brunch or cocktail party in place of a sit down dinner. The food choices are not as expensive but still offer the guests a wonderful meal and time to mingle. Additionally, change some of the foods that need to be served or monitored. As an example, rather than have someone making foods or cutting meats, choose foods that are more self-serve.

Additionally, instead of serving guests both the wedding cake and desserts from a menu, totally cut out the menu items and just have the cake as the dessert. Cake decorators can make large sheet cakes to accommodate as many guests as you have for much less than what it would cost you to have a caterer create a special dessert. Then, for the kids, you can have cupcakes made, either by the cake decorator or from a family member or friend. These can be decorated funny and cute and they will love it more than the sheet cake.

Finally, you will find a number of discounts for gowns and tuxedos. Many bridal stores have items that were custom ordered and then not purchased, overstock items, and even end of year sales. You will even find a number of outstanding websites that sell both designer and non-designer gowns for as much as 80% off. When it comes to tuxedo rental, you will find that prices vary dramatically from one place to another so be sure you take the time to look around. Planning is the key in that you are not rushed. Therefore, you get the better deals.

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