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Wedding Saving Part III

Saving money on a wedding and reception is not difficult once you know how. Many couples are eager to create a fairytale wedding but find that their budget simply does not stretch as far as needed. If you find yourself in this situation, do not be disheartened! With good planning and keeping your options open, you will discover that you can have your dream wedding without paying a fortune!

For starters, you need to set realistic expectations. Although having a wedding for 600 guests, wearing a designer wedding gown by Vera Wang, enjoying a 12-piece orchestra, and having a free-flowing champagne fountain might be your dream, few couples can afford something so elaborate. Therefore, you need to accept that your wedding may not be on such a grand scale but it can still be a wonderful and beautiful event that you will hold near and dear to the heart for life. The following are just a few suggestions on ways you can save money. These are everyday things that can easily be modified, with the money being put aside so that you can go a little overboard with the wedding plans.

Almost everyone enjoys a great cup of coffee. How many times do you stop by Starbucks or some other gourmet coffee shop to spend $5 or more on your favorite latte? Sure, it tastes a lot better than regular brewed coffee, but just until the wedding, considering switching to a flavored coffee that you can buy for $7.99 at your local grocer. The extra money can then be put aside in a jar and you will be amazed at how quickly it grows.

The same rule would apply for lunches. Typically, people in the workplace can easily spend $30 or more a week by going out to eat. Even buying the special of the day will cost far more than a lunch made from home. Be creative, making deli-style sandwiches or specialty salads. If your wedding is one year down the road, you could easily save $1,000 or more!

Travel is another area where significant money can be saved. For instance, if you travel often, make sure you are always buying the best deal on tickets. That might mean moving from First Class to Coach but just one trip can save you $800 or more. Additionally, try carpooling, saving on the high cost of gasoline.

Talk to your cable company to make sure you have the best deal possible. You might be paying for cable channels that are simply wasted. Therefore, choose a program that will offer the type of programming you enjoy without paying for channels that are simply bypassed time after time.

Start eating at home more than you eat out. Just like with lunch, you might use this opportunity to learn to be an excellent chef. You do not need to eat in all the time but instead of going out on the town every Friday night, go out every other weekend, making the alternating Friday to cook and enjoy a movie while snuggling on the sofa.

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