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Weddings - Things to Remember

If you were to ask 10 couples if they forgot something on the most important day of their lives, they would all agree they did. Many will have forgotten the same thing while others will have forgotten something different. To ensure your wedding day is filled with nothing but wonderful memories, we have listed the things that couples most often forget so that you will remember.

Just keep in mind that even though you have called and confirmed each of the vendors more than once and painstakingly written down eery second of the day and how things will transpire, things are often overlooked, as you will see below:

Before the wedding, find out the total and final amount due to each of the vendors. Then, make the checks out so that the Best Man, Maid of Honor, or one of the bride or grooms parents can simply hand the appropriate vendor an envelope with his or her name on the front and the last payment inside.

Make sure the brides mother, Maid of Honor, one of the bridesmaids knows exactly how to bustle the wedding gown. When the bride and groom arrives at the reception, this person can quickly and easily have the gown taken care of so that the bride can mingle with people and enjoy the first dance with her new husband.

Since the bride and groom are usually the ones that never get to the food or champagne in that they are so busy with other duties, make a request of a close family member or friend to see to it that they get a plate of food and something to drink.

Make sure that the reception hall has a private and secure room where the wedding party can change and leave their expensive gowns and tuxedos and out-of-town guests can store their personal belongings. Depending on the size of wedding and number of people in from other places, you might even consider hiring someone to stand guard over the room.

Have one or more members of the wedding party or close family members take the responsibility of getting the honeymoon bags into the car, the wedding gown cleaned and stored, the gifts to a safe destination, and the grooms rental tuxedo back to the shop. Just make sure they know whom each other is helping so that nothing is missed or assumed.

Ask the caterer if they will prepare a packaged snack for you to take on the flight, train, or simply to the hotel since typically, the bride, and groom get little to eat.

Ask the caterer to bring containers so the parents of the bride and groom can take some of the food home, send it home with other guests and family, or take I to a local shelter for the less fortunate to enjoy.

Have some type of drawing so that guests can win the centerpieces to take home and enjoy.

Ask the Best Man or Maid of Honor, or both to stay behind to ensure everything is taken care of such as guests needing rides are hailed a cab, toasting glasses are securely wrapped, and other remaining details are handled.

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