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Wedding Weather & Backup Plans

Most everyone has seen the television show, Americas Funniest Videos where weddings are often the primary focus. Many times, the show will tell stories of couples that have had disastrous weddings based on unexpected weather. If you are planning your wedding and are choosing a time of year notorious for rain or snow, then the most important thing you can do is have a good, backup plan.

The best option is to choose a date that has the least potential for bad weather. For example, if you live in Dever, then a December or January wedding might not be a good choice. Simply think about the history of where you life and what typically happens weather wise throughout the year. Then if you find the date you have chosen is right in the middle of potentially bad weather, change the date.

Now obviously, weather is going to do what it wants, regardless. Therefore, even if you do change your date, things could still go wrong. However, whether you change the date or stick to the original plan, always have a backup plan. Just like the saying, Its better safe than sorry!

If you are planning your wedding during a time when it usually rains, be prepared. In this situation, you could rent large umbrellas for the guests so the ushers can help guests get from their car to the church and/or reception hall. If the wedding will be held outdoors, you might as well go ahead and rent a large tent so that all the guests will stay dry and comfortable.

Another important aspect of having a wedding is the food preparation and storage should you choose the hot summer months. With this, food could easily become contaminated or melt. Just imagine spending hundreds of dollars on a beautiful wedding cake only to have it melt from the hot day, or having guests become ill because they ate something with mayonnaise that had been sitting outdoors for hours. You can certainly eat these foods but just make sure you have the appropriate accommodations to keep the food nice and cool.

Should the wedding be planned for the winter, you will need to think of many of your guests regarding transportation. For example, if you have an elderly set of grandparents, you probably do not want them driving out in the snow on the slick roads. Therefore, you might consider renting or using four-wheel drive vehicles of friends to bring certain guests to and from the wedding.

To turn a blah day into something spectacular, have the photographer take advantage of the rain outside with some candid umbrella shots, or perhaps a snowball fight between the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Just imagine sending out wedding photographs that show the bride and groom in tuxedo and wedding gown as they lay in the snow, making snow angels. In other words, if things do go awry, have fun with it and do not let it damper the day or the mood.

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