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Best Man - What does He Do?

The Best Man in a wedding should be the closest brother to the groom. If there are no brothers but the groom is exceptionally close with a brother of the bride, then he would be next in line. If that were not the case, then the groom would choose his best friend to stand up with him as Best Man.

The Best Man plays a very important role in the wedding in that he will be the individual to keep things organized and help the groom wherever he can. When the Best Man is chosen, it is important to remember that along with definite responsibilities, there is also the financial aspect to consider. The role of Best Man is an important one. For this reason, it should be taken seriously.

For example, if the Best Man will be coming from another city, state, or country, the finances for travel would fall on his shoulders. While the bride and groom might volunteer to assist, typically, the Best Man would pay for all of his own travel, as well as accommodations.

The Best Man will also be responsible financially for renting or buying his tuxedo and shoes, buying the bride and groom a gift, and throwing the bachelor party for the groom. Any planning and organizing for the bachelor party would also be the responsibility of the Best Man. He would also serve as the leader of the other groomsmen so to speak in that when it comes time for the tuxedos to be fitted, he would ensure everyone knows where to go, what time to be there, and he then follows up.

If the bride and groom have decided to use the groomsmen for ushers instead of separate individuals, then the Best Man would help organize that as well. If there are any special dinners for the wedding party or bride and groom, typically the Best Man and Maid of Honor would work together to choose a location and then pay for the bill along with the other groomsmen and maids of honor.

Depending on the options you have chosen for your own wedding, the Best Man may be required to escort the Maid of Honor down the aisle. Then during the reception, after the bride and groom have enjoyed their first dance, and the bride and her father along with the groom and his mother have shared a dance, the Best Man and Maid of Honor will generally take the dance floor to help encourage others to dance.

Finally, the most important role of the Best Man is to be a confidant, a friend, a support system for the groom. After all, he too just like the bride will have tons of planning, lots of questions, and many errands to run. The role of the Best Man is to be there for the groom, to help make his wedding the most enjoyable and relaxed day possible.

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