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Although not all couples choose to have dancing at their wedding reception, most do. Just as you have done with the other aspects of the wedding planning, you will also need to have things organized when it comes to the music.

Let us start with the first dance, which is the most important song and dance of the reception. Typically, most bride and grooms have one specific song that is special to them. It might be the first song they heard on the radio together or simply one they both love that has wors representing their love. Therefore, you want the song played for the first dance to be that one special song that means the most.

Now sometimes, this special song is beautiful but very difficult to dance to so in this case, you might choose this song when lighting the unity candle and then choosing another song for the reception. If you will be working with a band or DJ, they should have a large selection of songs from which you can choose, although you can choose whatever you like.

One thing that couples all around the country are doing is taking private dance lessons prior to the wedding. Not only do the bride and groom learn how to look graceful and experienced on the dance floor, but this also allows them some down time in the midst of the craziness that goes along with planning a wedding. Although you have a number of great choices, the most popular dances include the Rumba, Foxtrot, and of course, the Waltz.

As you enter the reception hall after becoming husband and wife, you can walk onto the dance floor proudly and confidently knowing that you have the steps down to a fine art. All of your guests will be amazed at your skill, not having any idea that you spent the last few months learning the steps.

Additionally, to alleviate stress, you will need to know the order of the dances. To help take out the guesswork, you can use the schedule below as your guide:
  • The bride and groom always take the dance floor first and alone

  • Next, the father of the bride (or the person that gave the bride away) would dance with the bride

  • Now, the groom will dance with his biological mother, followed by his stepmother, if applicable

  • The bride and grooms parents now take the dance floor

  • The best man now dances with the brides mother and the maid of honor with the grooms father

  • Now all the guests are invited to dance

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