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Flower Girl Duties

Most people have been to many weddings in their lifetime. They have seen the flowers, the bridal party, the groomsmen, the lighting of the candle, singing of the songs, and the ceremony officiated but what about the flower girl? We have all seen the flower girl make her way toward the church with a basket of flowers in her hand, scattering the petals along the way. Even so, what exactly is her role?

Flower girls have been a part of weddings since the Victorian age. Traditionally, the flower girl was created for entertaining te wedding guests with her sweet and innocent nature. After all, we can all agree that the flower girl brings a smile to our face. Depending on the age of the girls used for this important role, guests will feel warm inside from her sweet and shy behavior or perhaps chuckle, as the flower girl provides some quick and innocent comic relief.

The flower girls main role is to scatter rose petals along the aisle ahead of the bride, creating a floral pathway that represents the brides beauty. This symbolic gesture also indicates that the bride is now taking a journey down the path to a new life, soon to be joined with her new husband.

Once the flower girl has made her way to the front, she will stand with the bridal party, usually in front of one of the bridesmaids so she can help keep her focused and comfortable. However, if the flower girl is young, asking her to stand through the entire ceremony is not fair. Therefore, always have her mother or another person she knows sitting on the front row so that when she does become restless, she can simply sit down. Sometimes the mother or person will stand up and guide the flower girl to the seat while other times, the bridesmaid will simply walk her to the pew. Just determine what will work best for your wedding and plan accordingly.

Prior to the start of the wedding, someone will need to be with the flower girl. An excellent option is to have a quiet place where she and the ring bearer can sit and read books, watch a video, or perhaps color with crayons and a coloring book, although this should not be done after they are dressed for the wedding. The key is to keep them calm, which will help them feel calm as they perform their duties.

If you plan to have a receiving line after the conclusion of the ceremony, again the flower girl may be too young to stand for that long of time. In this case, simply have her mother or father take her to the reception where she can enjoy the festivities.

Just remember that flower girls are typically eight-years-old or younger and you can have one, two, or three. They will walk down the aisle ahead of the Maid of Honor, or just before the Bride begins her procession. You can choose to have the flower girl and ring bearer walk separately or they can walk side by side. Finally, although some brides choose to have the flower girl wear a dress that is a miniature version of her wedding gown, this is not mandatory. As long as she has a beautiful dress with the right colors, that would be fine.

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