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Weddings - Flower Girl Involvement

Most weddings have one or more flower girls. The very sight of these little princesses making their way down the aisle, shyly scattering flower petals is something to remember. In fact, most people look forward to seeing both the flower girl and ring bearer, knowing often times an innocent behavior will be witnessed. For your own wedding, the following information will help you choose the right person for this very important role.

First, the flower girl should typically be eight or younger. Thisyoung girl is usually a sister, niece, or cousin of the bride but can also be related to the groom. If you do not have a sister, niece, or cousin of this age, then a friends child would be perfect. Just like the bride, the flower girl looks forward to being all dolled up. Although she will probably feel nervous, once she sees all the people looking at her, inside she loves the entire experience.

The most important thing to remember is that since flower girls are young and can become scared at the actual wedding no matter how many times she has practiced walking down the aisle, she is a child. Therefore, you should plan to have someone nearby to assist. For example, if she makes it halfway down the aisle and then freezes, have a close relative that can simply take her hand and help her down the rest of the aisle. If she makes it to the front of the church but becomes restless or starts misbehaving, again, have someone sitting on the front pew that can simply step forward, take her hand, and walk her down to the pew.

To keep the flower girl at her best, she will need to be well rested. Make sure she has had something to eat and drink shortly before the ceremony, and that she has made her last trip to the bathroom. Additionally, be sure her dress fits properly, that there are no scratches pieces of lace rubbing her skin, and that her shoes are comfortable. This too will help her feel more comfortable, which will result in a better experience.

As a token of your appreciation, and to help her know just how important her role is, you could purchase a small keepsake. Something like a small gold locket, beaded necklace, or small bracelet will make her smile. Other options would be to have a childs book personalized just for her or a heart pin.

If you have a younger girl that you really want in the wedding, you might consider having two flower girls. Let us say there is a two-year-old that you want to scatter the flowers but you know she cannot do it on her own. Simply find an eight-year-old that is mature enough to handle the role while also helping to guide the smaller girl. The most important thing is to remember that these are young girls and with that comes the unexpected. If the flower girl does make a mistake or become fussy, you will need to be able to take it all in stride. After all, to an adult the role is not that big of a thing but to a small child stepping out in front of many people can be overwhelming. Therefore, make the experience something she will enjoy and remember.

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