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While some grooms are very helpful when it comes to planning their wedding, the fact is that much of the planning falls back on the bride. After all, the bride has probably been thinking about her wedding day since she was a young girl and she usually has specific ideas on what she wants. However, as the groom you can do many different things to help take some of the stress off the bride and be more involved in the planning of your special day.

One of the best ways to get started is to sit down with the bride and let her know that you want to be involved in the planning stage. Ask her what things you can do to help, giving her reassurance that you take this serious and want to do an outstanding job. Together, you can come up with a list of things needing to be done. She may be hesitant at first, which is natural and not meant that you cannot handle anything.

A great thing to consider handling is the music. Once the two of you have determined that type of music you want for the reception, you can then take charge in pulling it all together. After narrowing your search down a bit, with some friends you can visit various DJs and live bands to listen to the sound. Make time to interview each, asking for references and then working out the details of the contract while staying within a set budget.

Another aspect of the wedding and reception that always needs help has to do with transportation. This would include choosing the company and type of car that you and the bride will need getting to and from the wedding and reception. Additional transportation needs would include getting out of town guests to and from their hotel, to the rehearsal dinner, and the wedding/reception. Again, working with a set budget, you can determine the best option and then take responsibility for the schedule and notifying every one of the plans.

Although the bride will probably want to work with the caterer in choosing the menu and theme of the reception, you could take over the aspect of drinks. If you plan to serve alcohol at your reception, you can help choose the type of drinks, the amount of drinks, and the setup. For this to work, you will provide vendors with the menu, the expected number of guests, and the atmosphere you are trying to achieve.

As the groom, you can also take control of the honeymoon. In fact, if you want to stick with tradition, you would plan the entire honeymoon anyway and not even tell the bride. All she would know is the type of clothing to pack and the rest remains a mystery until she arrives. This is probably the biggest responsibility and the most fun for the groom. If you plan to whisk your new bride to a tropical destination, simply tell her to plan for warm weather that may or may not include water and tell her how long you will be gone.

Finally, all weddings involve a ton of paperwork. After all, you will have contracts for everything you purchase. Additional paperwork would include the wedding license, honeymoon brochures and confirmations, song music, and so on. Taking control of the paperwork and keeping it somewhere safe and secure would be a huge benefit to the bride.

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