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Wedding Reception - Napkin Folks

Have you ever been out to eat at a fine restaurant or a beautiful wedding and noticed that every detail was perfect, including the fold of the napkins? Many people would love to achieve these same glamorous looks for their wedding but feel the process is much too complicated. In truth, you can learn how to fold napkins in a number of different styles that are not difficult. In this article, we will show you how so that your wedding reception looks rich and elegant.

Interesting, the art of folding napins dates back hundreds of years. For weddings, fancy napkins can turn even the plainest table and turn it into an amazing masterpiece. Although napkins are available in many different sizes, fabrics, and styles, those used at weddings typically range in size from 18 and 24-inches, although you can choose smaller napkins if you like.

To create a beautiful reception for your upcoming wedding, start by choosing the color and fabric you want. Then, you will choose the style that works best with your wedding. Consider the following as a guideline but remember, this is your wedding and reception and therefore, you can choose what you like.

Formal For a formal setting, choose beige, ivory, or white fabrics

Contemporary Typically, contemporary wedding receptions would look best with vivid colors such as blue, green, red, and yellow

Informal or Country Choose soft pastels or small printed fabric

You will find a massive selection of fabrics from which to choose. Your best bet would be to find choices that are permanent press and stain resistant. Some couples have taken the napkins from the reception, had them cleaned, and then made or had made a quilt or wall hanging for their home. This is a wonderful way to create a special memory of your special day.

Some of the most popular napkins styles include the following but we have provided details on three to give you an idea of how simple it is to make great napkin creations.

  • Bird of Paradise
  • Candle
  • Cardinal Hat
  • Crown
  • Flame
  • Goblet Fan
  • Iris
  • Peak
  • Opera Fan
  • Rose
  • Shell
  • Tri-fold
  • Tuxedo

    Start by folding the napkin in half diagonally so that a triangle is formed. Then, fold the left and right portion of the triangle to the top so that a square is formed. Now, you want to turn the napkin to form a diamond. Next, the bottom will be folded up about two-thirds of the way toward the top. You now want to fold the bottom point back to the baseline. The napkin will now be turned over and the far corners tucked into each other so a round base is formed. Finally, you will stand the napkin up, flaring out the two, top corners so the crown is formed.

    Goblet Fan
    This style of fan is very popular in that it is beautiful, easy to create, and perfect for a wedding. All you have to do is fold your napkin in half, making it even with the bottom edges. Then start from the right working your way to the left, creating an accordion pleat. Finally, roll the bottom portion of the fan up about one-third of the way to secure the napkin. Now all you do is set the rolled up bottom into a goblet, allowing the pleats to fan out. To make this even more formal, you can sprinkle a little bit of gold glitter around the base of the goblet.

    Opera Fan
    Fold the napkin in half and then fold the width into an accordion fold. When you do this, you will need to leave about the last four inches of the napkin flat. Now, the accordion portion will be folded in half, keeping the folds on the outside. What happens is the four-inch flat will then stand up in the center. When you fold the flat part out toward the base, a stand is created. Then to complete the look, simply allow the accordion pleats to fan out.

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