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Wedding - Ring Bearer Duties

It is hard to argue just how adorable both the flower girl and ring bearer are at a wedding. Being such young children dressed exceptionally cute, they often steal the show. Just like the flower girl, the ring bearer is not just a child to look cute in a wedding but he also plays an important, symbolic role.

Most people are aware that the ring bearer carries a fancy pillow with the wedding rings, making his way down the aisle to the front of the church. However, just remember that the rings on this pillow ar not real, but again symbolic. This important role is part of the ceremony that began during Queen Victorias reign. Today, this role is what leads up to the bride and groom exchanging the rings as a token and commitment of their love. If you plan to have a ring bearer in your wedding, you will find the following information helpful.

Typically, you would choose a nephew, younger brother, or cousin as the ring bearer. This individual is usually around five to eight years old and can be a friends child if not relative is available.

In most cases, the ring bearer will walk ahead of the flower girl although if you prefer, you can have the ring bearer and flower girl walk together. Sometimes if they are younger children, walking together makes them feel more comfortable.

If you like, you can dress the ring bearer in a tuxedo to look like a miniature groomsmen but this is not necessary. Another great choice is to dress him in dressy shorts and shirt, suspenders, knee socks, and shoes. Then to dress the outfit up more, you can add a bow tie.

The real wedding rings are kept safely with the Best Man and Maid of Honor. Again, two faux rings are tied to the pillow only as a symbol. During the wedding when the rings are to be exchanged, the Best Man will have the Brides ring and the Maid of Honor will have the Grooms ring.

Depending on the age of the ring bearer, he may or may not stand through the entire ceremony. If the boy were quite young, standing for any length of time would be asking too much. In this case, his mother or father should plan to sit on the front pew and be ready to have him sit down when he begins to fidget.

Just like with the flower girl, it is best to have someone, preferably a parent that can watch the ring bearer before the ceremony. Keeping him busy with books, stories, or toys is an excellent way to help keep him calm and occupied prior to walking down the aisle.

Finally, since the ring bearer is young, you should not expect him to stand in the long, receiving line. Guests can visit him during the reception, which will work best for everyone.

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