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Wedding Toast Guide - Best Man

When planning a wedding and reception, there are always many questions needing to be answered. Without doubt, planning these occasions requires good planning and a good understanding of all the details. One of the things that many Best Men feel uncomfortable with is the toasting. The good news is that this is not difficult and as you will see from the information below, all you need to do is follow these simple guidelines and all doubt is eliminated.

First, as the Best Man, you should create a short speeh at least one month out from the wedding date. This will give you plenty of time to modify your speech or remember things you would like to have added. While some people will simply stand up and say whatever comes to mind, in most cases this could be disastrous. Therefore, plan and practice your speech so as you offer it to the newly married couple, you will feel confident and the speech will be heartfelt.

Instead of creating a long, complicated speech that might be overly dramatic, keep it simple. Use words that you would normally use when speaking to the couple and most importantly, make sure the speech has meaning and is not just words that go on and on.

Remember that if you start talking about inside jokes or hidden meanings, chances are only the bride and groom will understand what you mean. When this happens, you are isolating the other guests. While it might be tempting to mention something special that happened just between the three of you, it would be far better to keep the content of the speech to things that everyone can enjoy.

Never say anything inappropriate, negative, or embarrassing. For instance, you would never tell the guests about all the girls the groom dates in school until finally meeting his new bride. Not only is this inappropriate for the couple but also for their family.

When creating your speech, sit down with a close friend or even member of the bride or grooms family and read it for their input.

Again, take time to practice your speech. Some people are comfortable standing up in front of people while others are not. This will help you feel more comfortable and confident as you offer your words to the bride and groom.

Finally, if there are elderly people or people sitting in the back of room, you can bet that without a microphone, they will not be able to hear. Therefore, if you do not have a booming voice, it would be worth it to invest in renting a microphone.

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