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If you plan to have your wedding reception during the hot summer months - indoors or outdoors, you will need to make some adjustments in plans. With careful planning, you can create a great occasion for your friends and family members, making the warm wedding reception comfortable and enjoyable.

For starters, you can create wonderful summertime cocktails. Anything exotic and tropical makes a great presentation while also tasting delicious and cool. All you need to do is research your cookbooks or the internet to find summertime drinks. Best of all, many of these cool beverages can be made with or without alcohol so all the guest can enjoy.

You can also take advantage of the season when it comes to decoration. For instance, you might consider having your reception at a hotel pool area, a local botanical garden, the patio area of a museum, and so on. Then using brightly colored flowers and plants, you can create an amazing place for everyone to mingle, eat, and dance. This type of setting also creates a romantic ambience for the bride and groom.

If you want to do something different and whimsical, why not create a different season or holiday during the summer. For instance, you might hire an ice carver and create a gorgeous winter wonderland. Other options would include creating a Swiss alp look with plaids, lots of greenery, and even special music. In other words, if you want the wedding in the summer for whatever reason but dread the heat, you can always change the reception by creating a theme. The result will be something unique and fun.

Food is also a consideration, especially during the summer. Obviously, you will need to be careful with some ingredients that can spoil quickly and easily. A great option is to stick with menu items and finger foods that are fresh. This might include a huge selection of fresh fruits and vegetables along with a number of different sauces and dips. With summer being the prime time for growing, you will have no problem in choosing delicious foods.

Even the wedding cake can be geared toward a warm reception. By working with a reputable cake designer, you can have him or her use icing that will withstand the heat while still tasting wonderful. Additionally, instead of all the iced or sugar flowers and ribbons, you might think about decorating the cake with fresh flowers, which is a very popular choice today.

For the actual flavors, step outside the traditional flavors and go with things that are fresh and light. For instance, lemon, orange sherbet, lime, pina colada, strawberry, raspberry, and vanilla are all great flavors. These taste amazing and provide all the guests with a variety of choices. The decorator can then use fresh fruits such as lemon, lime, cherries, or grapes to embellish the cake. For a touch of tradition, you can always have a flowing fountain added, adding to the design while giving a cool affect to the hot summer.

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