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When it comes to wedding receptions, this is your special event and a way of thanking guests for participating in your special day. For this reason, most bride and grooms want to look at all their options to choose the one that will best match the wedding, the budget, and the guests. Once you know the date of your wedding, you will need to determine the time of day. When this has been determined, you can then get down to business in planning the perfect reception.

For starters, many couples are turning to hving a morning wedding. First, it is an excellent way to save money and two, it provides more time with family and friends to celebrate the newly married couple. For this wedding, a brunch reception is the ideal choice. You can choose to have a more traditional sit-down breakfast or have food stations set up.

Both options are good and really just depend on preference. The nice thing about food stations is that you could set up one where guests could place custom orders or omelets or Belgium waffles, another food station where they could be served fresh sliced ham or roast beef, yet another station for biscuits and gravy, sausage, bacon, and scrambled eggs, one for fresh fruits, and so on. Then, if you plan to have alcohol at your reception, something like Tequila Sunrise, Screwdriver, Brandy Alexander, or Blood Marys would be ideal options.

If you have determined that your wedding will be very late in the morning or around noon, then you could choose to serve a more traditional lunch. Again, both sit-down option or food stations would work perfectly. Regarding the types of foods, you would do best to work with a qualified caterer to see what suggestions he or she might have. Together, you can create the menu based on your specific budget.

Another good option for this wedding time or one that is held in earl afternoon is to offer your guests a cocktail party or English tea party. With the teal party, you would typically serve food from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. and server finger foods, sandwiches, fresh fruit, and the wedding cake. For beverages, light cocktails would be fine along with beer, wine, punch, tea (of course), and soda. For the cocktail party, you would start the reception anytime between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m., and serve hot and cold hors doeuvres, finger foods, cheese and crackers, along with champagne, wine, tea, punch, coffee, and other light alcoholic beverages.

Finally, for evening weddings, you have several options. However, the two most typical include a full dinner or simply snacks and wedding cake. If you decide to host a sit-down dinner, then the menu would be more formal and guests would be served. This option is wonderful but usually expensive. The other option is to set up tables with snack type foods, finger foods, and perhaps fresh fruit, along with wedding cake and a few other desserts. Again, start with a budget, work with a capable caterer, and consider the type of foods your guests would enjoy.

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