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Weddings - Dad's Responsibilities

Typically, the father of the bride is the individual that feels uncomfortable in that he is not sure what to do. Fathers, just like mothers want to be involved in their son and daughters weddings but with so much of the process being handled by the bride, the Maid of Honor, the Bridesmaids, and the mother, he simply takes a step back. If you think about it, most children, especially the bride are very close to the father so making him feel special and giving him guidance on how he can help is the best thing you can do.

By traditional standards, the father of the bride pays for the wedding although more and more, the grooms parents are getting involved when it comes to financial responsibility. However, going beyond money, a father has other important responsibilities, as you will see from the information below. Keep in mind that fathers are not usually used but most want to be involved. Remember that for a father, giving his daughter or son to another person is difficult even if he acts as if it is not.

Fathers can pitch in helping with the logistics of the wedding. Typically, a wedding will have guests from out of town, elderly, or even disabled individuals that need help with transportation. This function of ensuring everyone gets where he or she needs to be is an excellent opportunity for a father. Whether taking people himself or hiring the appropriate type of transportation, fathers are usually great with organization.

While most brides will turn to their mother for loving support and advice, you would be surprised at just how solid a father can be. If you are having a bad day or feeling overly stressed from all the planning, consider calling your father on the phone and inviting him to lunch where the two of you can simply visit and solve problems.

Too often fathers are overlooked when it comes to greeting people, which is a real shame. You can ask your father if he would organize a greeting committee responsible for welcoming family and friends when arriving from out of town, to the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, and the reception. In this role, the father would have the responsibility of making sure everyone feels comfortable and welcomed.

Fathers are also good advisors when it comes to choosing and trying on wedding gowns. In fact, in addition to having the mother come, you should invite your father. You will find that he feels loved and a huge part of a very important part of your wedding.

Fathers are typically pillars of strength and wisdom that are eager to get involved if just allowed. Therefore, while you might lean to the mother, stop for a minute and consider all the things that the father can participate in for your wedding. Best of all, fathers add so much to the planning stage and are willing to be involved. For your upcoming wedding, start by making a list of all the things your father can do to help and then ask him to choose the things that he finds interesting. More than likely, he will choose everything on the list, excited to be an important part of this important day.

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