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Wedding Engagement Rings

Are you getting ready to propose to your girlfriend but before you do you want to purchase her an amazing wedding engagement ring? Finding the perfect ring is the goal of every man getting ready to take this big step and unfortunately, making the choice is not as easy as one might think.

Your budget and the personal preference of your girlfriend will obviously play important roles but you need to make sure you understand the four Cs before you head out to buy the ring. These four characteristics color, carat, cut, and clarity are what determine the quality and cost of the ring. To help you when you get ready to buy a diamond engagement ring, take this with you to use for reference.

Cut If the diamond has been cut appropriately by a professional diamond cutter, the ring should explode with fire or brilliance. However, if a ring is not cut correctly, then it appears dull and lifeless. Additionally, while some people think of cut as being the same as shape, they are different. Now it is true that a diamond must be cut to have shape but the cut is how the diamonds surfaces are angled, which are called facets. The shape is the design in which the diamond is cut, which would consist of Princess, Oval, Pear, Emerald, Marquis, Heart, and Round.

Color The color of a diamond will vary from no color at all to bad color. Now keep in mind that you can purchase actual colored diamonds but these are considered rare, and fancy, and not included in the bad colors. Typically, a diamond will fall between D and J, which have the least amount of color and are what you want. However, K to M would be a faint yellow, N to R would be a very light yellow, and S to Z would be a light yellow to fancy yellow.

Clarity While every diamond has some level of imperfections or inclusions, you want to buy the diamond with the fewest and that falls within your budget. Diamonds that have extremely few inclusions are difficult to find and expensive. In most cases, people will buy diamonds that are graded VS1 to VS2, which is very slightly included. However, you can go up or down in quality if you like.

Carat This is not to be confused with karat, which is the weight of gold. Carat is the weight of the diamond, which is divided into 100 points. If a diamond has 25 points, then the size of the diamond would be one-quarter carat. If the diamond has 100 points, then it is a full one-carat.

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