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Engagements - Annoucements

After having dated the love of your life for years, you have finally become engaged and now you desperately want to get the word out to family and friends. For many countries, the proper way to do this (in addition to phone calls and letters) is to post the engagement announcement in a local newspaper. In fact, if the bride and/or groom were raised in a different city from where they live, the announcement would be posted in that city too.

Now, while you can post the announcement yourself, it can also be posted by the parents. This type of announcement is usually published in the newspaper, as far out as one full year before the scheduled wedding and in fact, some people will post them one and one-half to two years out. If you are planning to have your engagement announcement posted, you will need to make sure the following information is provided:
  • Full name of the bride and groom

  • Names of both sets of parents

  • City and state where the wedding will take place, which is especially important if the wedding announcement is being published in a newspaper other than the city where the wedding will occur

  • Date of the wedding (if not specific date has been set yet, then a general statement such as spring of 2005

  • Educational, career, or other points of interest for the bride and groom

  • Check with the newspaper to see if they allow a photographer, which most do. In this case, a nice touch is to have an outdoor, casual photograph of the couple taken. Just be sure it represents your lifestyle and the things you enjoy. After all, most people will gaze at the photograph and pay little attention to anything else about the upcoming wedding.
Typically, posting an engagement announcement is affordable. Best of all, the photograph can be used for a number of different things. For instance, when you send out your wedding invitations, you might place a black and white copy inside, you could have the engagement photo blown up and placed by the wedding table at the reception, or you could even have magnets, mugs, key chains, and other giveaways made that include the photo.

Finally, do not forget to keep a copy of the newspaper clippings for your photo album. You will cherish this always and be glad you took the time to have the engagement announced.

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