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Wedding & Family - Mother of the Bride Clothes

For many couples about to exchange wedding vows relates to what the mother of the bride should wear. If you think about it, you know the wedding attire of every other person but then as soon as you get to the mother, questions begin to surface. Before you and your mother head out to shop, consider the following guidelines to make the process easy and fun.

First, if you choose to have a genuine, traditional wedding, then the mother of the bride would actually buy her dress before the grooms mother. At this point, she would choose the cut, color, and length and then based on her decision, the grooms mother would follow suit. In this case, good planning is essential.

It is still traditional for the brides mother to let the grooms mother know what type of dress she purchased. From there, the grooms mother will know exactly what to look for and if the two live near one another, the brides mother could show her dress to the grooms mother, making the process easier. She might even share the store where the dress was purchased so they can come close in style without matching completely.

In the case of divorced families, things are a little different. While the groom may have a stepmother, the only real rule to follow is for the brides mother to purchase her dress. From there, the stepmother can simply buy something nice that she likes without having to keep in the same cut, color, or length of the brides mother. Now, the one exception would be if the stepmother raised the groom because of the grooms father being widowed.

Regarding the actual dress choice, what the bride and grooms mothers should avoid is wearing anything white or off-white. Even dresses in the champagne family are getting a little too close to that of the wedding gown. Additionally, black or dark colors as well as loud and bright colors such as red should be avoided. Instead, the choices should be something that has a nice subdued hue. Lavender, teal, soft pink or blue, or a mauve dress would be ideal.

It used to be that the brides mother would try to find a dress similar to that of the bridesmaids. However, this rule is outdated. On the other hand, if you want some similarity without it being too much, you can choose options that coordinate. For example, if the bridal party is wearing pastel, Georgette style gowns, the brides mother could choose a soft chiffon or Georgette style that is knee length or simply a pastel colored suit.

One important thing to consider is that not all women look good in the same colors. Therefore, if you recommend your mom look at the color teal or mauve, she may not be comfortable with these colors. In this case, ask her what she would feel more comfortable wearing and find a compromise. After all, you want her to feel beautiful as well as look beautiful.

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