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Wedding & Family - Mother of the Bride Duties

Mothers love being involved in their daughters wedding and in most cases, will do whatever they can to help. However, sometimes there can be confusion as to what the duties of the brides mother really are. Although much of her responsibilities will be out of love, traditionally, she will also take on a few specific duties. Just to give you an idea of some of the more common tasks, consider the following:

Work with the bride and groom when trying to find the best location for both the wedding and the reception. The brides mother will also coordinate efforts with her friends or business acquaintances to gather recommendations.

The brides mother will also serve as the primary contact for the wedding coordinator. This means that she will not necessarily make the decisions, although for some things, she might, but she would gather information and then help keep things organized. This is especially beneficial if the wedding is being held in another city or state.

Helping the bride in choosing her wedding dress is also an important duty, as well as going to the fittings.

The mother will maintain the master guest list, which consists of gathering names that have sent in their RSVP and then compiling them into an on-going list. Additionally, she will commonly work with the grooms side of the family for names of people they wish to invite, keeping track of them as well.

If the bride and groom were interested in having an ethnic wedding or incorporating family tradition or heirlooms into the ceremony or reception, the brides mother would take care of all the research.

Additionally, the brides mother would help the bride determine and pick out what she wants to wear once she leaves the church and heads off for the honeymoon.

The bridal shower and rehearsal dinner are attended by the brides mother and she may be involved in some of the planning.

If the brides father has passed away or is away in another country on business and unable to get back, then the brides mother would be responsible for walking the bride down the aisle and giving her away to the groom.

Finally, if you plan to have a receiving line, which most weddings do, the brides mother would head up the line, serving as hostess.

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