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Wedding Proposal Tips

Have you been contemplating asking the love of your life to marry you, to share a lifetime of adventures? Making this decision is a huge step and one that should be taken seriously. Most men want to make the proposal special, creating a lasting memory to be cherished. The great thing is that when it comes to proposals, you can do whatever you like, meaning there is no wrong or right choice. However, to help make the proposal process a memorable and romantic event, we have provided you with some helpful tips:

A surprise proposal is always a great option. Even if the two of you have spoken about marriage previously, springing the proposal on her will make her a very happy woman.

If you know this is the woman for you, the one person you want to share life with, your soul mate, you do not want to wait forever to pop the big question. After adequate time dating, which could be anywhere from one to three years, take the step, getting past the fear factor.

Create a fantasy proposal by showing her your full love and respect. You could propose to her at the restaurant where the two of you had your first date, have the words, Will you marry me? splattered across the marquis at a major sporting arena, treat her to a horse and carriage ride, set up an elegant picnic at your local park, or whatever type of proposal that will capture her heart.

Remember that the location of the proposal is crucial. Again, you could do something simple if you like, but just remember you want to location to be special to the two of you. For instance, if you both love the mountains, then perhaps renting a cozy cabin in the mountains would be the ideal setting or if you love the ocean, have dinner on the beach at sunset.

Even the time of day will help set the mood, choosing the time that would mean most to her. As an example, if she were a jogger that rose at 7:00 a.m. to take a run, then you might greet her with a cup of coffee and a proposal. However, if she is more of a night person, then choose the proposal time in the evening.

Some women are more private about things while other women do not mind having an audience. Only you know her style so choose the option that will make her most comfortable. If she is conservative and somewhat private, then a quiet, romantic dinner at a five-star restaurant would be a wonderful setting but if she is vivacious and full of life, you could take her out dancing to your favorite nightclub and then get on stage to make the proposal in front of everyone.

Finally, do not stress over being perfect. In fact, most proposals do not go off perfectly, which is what makes each special and unique. As long as you are making choices to please her and make her feel like the princess she is, that is what counts.

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