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Weddings - Legal

Most couples look right past the legal aspects of weddings. While they know they need to obtain a wedding license, it does not go much beyond that. For starters, you need to check with your local state to determine if any type of blood or other medical tests are required. While you could always travel to another state where such tests would not be required, for some people they want to be married where they live and would therefore, need to follow the states guidelines.

One of the main things to consider is any property owned by one or both the bride and groom. Although marriage is a legal binding of two people and all of the assets they own, it is still important to be wise. Sadly, the divorce rate today is staggering. Therefore, while you do not go into your marriage thinking you will divorce, it does happen. For this reason, if you have property or significant monetary value, you should consider talking to a lawyer.

A will is a legal document that most people associate with an elderly person or someone that is sick and dying. However, life can change on a dime for people of all ages and situations and rather than experience the hassles and devastation after the fact, it is worth the time and effort to be prepared prior to anything happening. This is not necessarily a pleasant task but one that is important for all couples.

The prenuptial agreement is a legally binding document most often used in marriages where one of the individuals is worth a lot of money. In this case, his or her assets would be protected should there be a divorce. For instance, you will see many movie stars and Hollywood moguls with prenuptial agreements. If one person is worth $25 million, the prenuptial might protect all of the money or it might make way for various clauses that would give the spouse a small portion of the money should a divorce occur.

You will also find prenuptial agreements used when one individual owns property a business, a medical practice, and so on. In other words, anything worth protecting would be covered. Now keep in mind that a prenuptial agreement can be put together even for couples without money although that defeats its purpose.

Finally, while most brides will give up their name to take their grooms last name, other brides will keep their maiden name. It might be for heritage reasons, business, reasons, or some other valid reason. The fact is that you can continue using your maiden name without having to deal with any legal ramifications, while still enjoying the benefits of marriage. This can generally be handled during the application for marriage license and the only one drawback you might experience would be having problems with family and friends that simply do not understand or accept your decision.

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