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Engagement - Diamond Rings

Before you head out the door to shop for the perfect diamond engagement ring, you need to educate yourself to ensure you are prepared to buy the best without having someone take advantage of your naivety. Unfortunately, most people think of buying engagement rings as the same when buying other types of jewelry. However, this is a very important purchase and one you want to do right.

There is actually an official term for what occurs during a transaction called Asymmetric Information Advantage. What this means is that the person involved in the transaction possessing the most knowledge has the upper hand of the situation. That means in order for you to get the highest quality ring at the best price, you need to know as much if not more than the person selling the ring does.

When you get ready to shop, start by determining the proper size, shape, clarity, and price of engagement ring that you are interested in buying. Now remember, jewelers are trained to steer you toward larger and more expensive rings. By doing this, they are just doing their job. Therefore, you need to stick to what you want. In addition to your local jewelry store, you can also look at jewelry through the Internet or auctions.

The options you will have include Radiant, Round, Marquise, Oval, Pear, Princess, Emerald, and Heart shape. The Emerald and Princess cuts are very popular but when it comes to price, the Round diamond is still the best shape for the money. In fact, diamond engagement rings with a round stone can cost up to 10% to 20% less than other cuts, and they hold value longer.

A New York diamond appraiser, Saul Spero, conducted a study consisting of 50,000 people spread over a 25-year period, to determine the shapes that different personalities buy. The results listed below are indeed interesting.
  • Round Family focused, dependable, non-aggressive

  • Oval Individualistic, creative, organized, willing to take chances

  • Heart Sentimental, sensitive, trusting, feminine

  • Pear Conforming, adaptable, considerate

  • Marquise Assertive, career oriented, extroverted, innovative

  • Rectangle / Square Conservative, honest, efficient, disciplined
While you want a diamond engagement ring that will please the love of your life, when you get ready to buy, you might consider the results of Saul Speros study to see which cut matches best with your fiancÚs characteristics. If your future bride knows that you will be shopping for diamond engagement rings, showing her this study might even interest her.

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