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When it comes to wedding facilities, you will find locations from simple and casual to locations that are elaborate and sophisticated. Literally, your options run the gamut, meaning that no matter what the style, colors, or theme of your wedding, there will be several facilities from which you can decide.

The nice thing about choosing your wedding facility is that thanks in part to wedding shows on television, couples are now realizing that they can go way outside the box with their choices. In other words, while the church or recepion hall is still tradition and great options, you can choose just about any type of facility and make it work.

For example, if you were planning a Victorian era wedding, then you might locate a Victorian manor or English Garden close to where you live and use it as your reception facility. These types of facilities are excellent in that the architecture, furnishings, and landscaping are all reflective of that time in history.

Another option might be an art gallery or museum. For couples having a contemporary and even trendy wedding, the preference is generally clean lines and an uncluttered look. By planning the wedding and/or reception at either one of these two locations, you will enjoy the clean lines and neat appearance.

Two other options might include having a Country and Western style wedding and reception. An outdoor wedding held in a field of flowers would be not only beautiful but also very fitting. Then, the reception could be moved to a barn that has been decorated with hay bales, banners, and other western décor. Finally, for the wedding and reception with a Celtic theme, a hillside with lush, green grass would be perfect. Then for the reception, if you live in the right area, you could find a castle that rents out space for this type of function.

Again, tradition is nice but for the wedding and reception facility, you can choose just about any type of facility and make it work for your special day. Do not be afraid about being creative, and consider all the options, even if you might not think they would work at first.

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