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If you want to create a special memory of your wedding day, you might consider hiring a videographer in addition to or instead of a regular photographer. A videographer is a professional that video tapes your wedding ceremony and/or reception so that you can watch it time after time and see it exactly as it happened.

In fact, many couples today are turning to videography in that they can save it to one-day show to their kids and grandkids. Additionally, you can take the video to put on the computer so that you can send it around the world to friends and family. However, just as with photography, there are tips to make your experience a complete success.

First, work with a reputable and qualified videographer that has lots of experience with weddings. While you would love to take their word, always ask for references and follow up. Then, ask to see the work done for other couples to see if you like what you see. You also want to make sure that the videographer has the expertise when it comes to adding special effects and/or sound.

The videographer should be willing to listen to the things important to you and then incorporate them into the overall game plan. For example, you probably have a list of people that you want interviewed or shot during and wedding and/or reception. The videographer should accommodate your wishes, working with you to ensure you end up with an exceptional product.

You also want to make sure that everything you decide on is written in a contract that is signed by you and the videographer. Included in the contract should be all of the things you want such as the entire ceremony to include lighting the unity candle, reading of the bible, music, and so on. The same would be true for the reception in that you want the first dance captured, cutting of the cake, tossing of the bouquet, and other traditional moments. However, other things that you want captured should be considered candid.

Finally, make sure you know the policy for refund or guarantee. For instance, if the primary videographer that you have hired should become ill or have an unexpected emergency and not be able to show up at your wedding, you should have the name and contact information for the person that will step in his or her place. Additionally, you want to make sure that individual has the same level of expertise so you can enjoy the wedding without worrying about the videographer, knowing the results will be excellent.

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