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Many of todays weddings are captured with high-tech digital cameras since they require little light and are easy to use. Even the editing process is easier so videographers can capture the entire wedding as one continuous stream of video rather than single shots. If you are thinking about having your wedding video taped, you will find this an excellent way to create a funny, sensitive, and romantic memory

By having your wedding taped, you can put together an entire presentation that can be copied onto CDs and sent to friendsand family members around the world, shown at the first year anniversary party as part of the entertainment, or kept as a family treasure that future children can enjoy.

To create the perfect video, you will need to have friends and family provide you with funny and romantic videos they have on the bride and groom. This might include everyone sitting around a campfire during a camping trip, the couple dancing in a dance marathon, or just hanging out with friends and having fun.

To find qualified videographers where you live, you will need to check your local yellow pages or the internet. Just as you would with a traditional wedding photographer, you want to spend adequate time interviewing, and looking at other work they have done for couples getting married. This will help you gauge their level of expertise. Additionally, this person should be fun to work with and be willing to asking and answering questions.

Be sure you ask for references, price estimates, and ask many questions. If the videographer offers to show you footage of another wedding or two, make sure you are watching their work and not the work of someone else working for that same studio. The images should be clean and crisp and the lighting not too bright or intense, or dim and dark.

Another important thing to pay close attention to is the sound. You want to be able to hear what everyone is saying clearly. Additionally, will the videographer be able to add special visuals or sound to the introduction to create a professional looking presentation? These are key factors that can make or break the way a wedding video turns out.

Another important aspect is the transition as the video goes from one frame to the next. This should be smooth and coordinate well so the same subject is blending in together and the video is not merely jumping from one scene to another.

Remember that you want to make sure the videographer and you feel comfortable together. You will be paying good money for his or her services so you want someone that you like and in whom you feel confident. The goal of the videographer should be to help you trust and if you do not feel this way, then you should consider moving on to another individual. After the contract has been agreed upon, make sure you pay close attention to all the details so there are no misrepresentations. Although the videographer should have everything in order, it is ultimately your responsibility.

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