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A new trend for weddings is to bypass the traditional photographer or at least add to it with the services of a wedding videographer. If you want a special way to capture your wedding day, one lasting and to be enjoyed as a video, videography is a great option. The only downfall of wedding videography is that choosing the right professional can be a confusing challenge.

With all you have going on, you certainly do not need to spend time worrying about the photography and videography. Instead, you want to leave this to a profesional that knows what to capture, when to capture, how to capture, and so on. Regardless of the videographer you decide to use, the bottom line is that until you sit down to view the VHS or DVD, you will not really know how well a job he or she did.

One of the best things you can do is to become educated so that you can understand conversation during the interview time, and know the right questions to ask. The following are some common terms that you should become familiar with before you head out to interview various videographers.

Digital Video This type of footage relates to the way moments of the wedding are captured.

DVD Authoring This is a way in which the final DVD would look. In other words, the final product would be like a movie you rent from your local video store, although it would not have the menu.

Non-Linear Editing In this case, a computer is used to edit the footage.

When you interview the various videographers, you need to ask good questions to show him or her that you did your homework and have some knowledge of the process. For example, you want to know what their level of expertise is, along with years of experience. You also want references, which you should check into, ask about pricing and discounts, what happens should he or she become sick, will there be a backup, and so on. Most importantly, make sure the videographer is comfortable putting everything into writing.

A good, reputable videographer will be prepared to meet with you, having answers already in line with your questions. This individual should show you work already done for other weddings and be prepared to make you feel comfortable leaving your most important day in his or her hands.

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